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Baseball Trading Pins - Options

When it comes to baseball trading pins, everyone talks about the "trading power" or the "trading pin value" of lapel pins. Usually a baseball trading pin will trade "one-for-one", meaning you will trade one of your trading pins for one of theirs. Everyone wants their lapel pins to be "two-for-one", or the lapel pin with the "higher perceived value". Your lapel pin can attain this "higher perceived value" with either a unique design or by adding additional options.

The following are some of the popular options we offer to make your baseball trading pin even more valuable.

Danglers are essentially small lapel pins that attach to larger lapel pins, the "main" pin, with either a hoop or anchor attachment. Danglers can be anything from baseball bats to baseballs to catcher mitts, and usually have a single piece of information on them: year, age group, slogan, or motto. The dangler is one of the most popular additions to lapel pins due to the attention caused by it's movement. Like the dangler, the slider is a smaller lapel pin that is attached to the main lapel pin by cutting out a small, long piece of the main pin and attaching the slider through the hole. This technique is perfect if you want the movement and attention drawn to the main body of the lapel pin, rather than below it like the dangler. A good example would be to add a slider of a baseball player between two bases. Just like the slider, the bobble-head is a small lapel pin attached to the main pin with a small spring, creating the desired movement on the body of the main lapel pin. The movement is usually small and rapid, and is best used with lapel pins that are designed as basketballs, tennis balls, golf balls, or most often, bobbling heads. Like the dangler, a bobble-head attracts attention to the lapel pin. Spinners are similar to the slider, but instead of following a cut-out track, they simply spin around. Some examples of previous spinners are baseballs, eyeballs, Frisbees, tires, and record players. They also create movement and draw attention to the body of the main baseball trading pin.

Glow-in-the-Dark Colors
Blinkies are small LEDs (light emitting diodes) that rapidly blink on and off. They are usually found on the body of the main baseball trading pin, and are used in place of eyes, the dot in the letter "i", the location of a city on a state map, etc. The LEDs are operated by watch batteries and can run continuously for 150 hours. A simple on/off button on the back of the lapel pin controls the blinkie. Glitter colors are special colors that are produced by combining the enamel color with metal flakes. Glitter colors are extremely popular since they give the illusion of "twinkling" or "blinking" when they capture the light. Glitter is frequently used for the title of the team or company. Translucent colors are just like regular enamel colors but the enamel color is switched to a translucent enamel, allowing you the ability to see the color but still see the high polished metal under the enamel paint. Glow-in-the-dark colors are special enamels that capture light and emit it steadily during the dark or nightfall, just like the glow-paint used on watches. The glow-in-the-dark colors, like the blinkie, are extremely popular because it doubles the usage of the lapel pin; it can be enjoyed and viewed both day and night.

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